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Pathology & Laboratory

The Department of Pathology and Laboratory of FDMMC is staffed with highly-trained and boardcertified pathologists to ensure and provide the patients with decisive and detailed diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic information. These pathologists are bringing their expertise across sub-specialties in order to provide patients advanced and optimal treatment.

Below are FDMMC’s Pathology and Laboratory Services:

  • Microbiology – This examines microorganisms present in body fluids, stool and discharges and determines appropriate antibiotics. Moreover, it includes screening for acid-fast bacilli and fungal elements and does detection of oocyst present in stool.

  • Blood Bank – Responsible for determining ABO and Rh blood types among patients, does compatibility testing of blood between donors and recipients as well as screen unexpected antibodies present in patient’s serum and red cells.

  • Clinical Chemistry – Examinations include determination of glucose, Electrolytes or uric acid levels in the blood, among others.

  • Microscopy – Few of the available tests include urinalysis, fecalysis, and pregnancy testing.

  • Hermatology – Under this laboratory testing include evaluation of blood count, platelet function, examination for the presence of Malarial parasites, among others.

  • Histopath – Current laboratory services include biopsy, cytology and pap-smear.

  • Serology and Immunology – Examinations include checking on levels of antibodies of Hepatitis C or HIV in serum, determining and monitoring the degree of inflammation from tissue injury or infection and early detection of Dengue antigen in serum.

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