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Nursing Services

Fe Del Mundo nurses are inspired by the dedication, compassion, and commitment to patient care by the founder of modern nursing, known as the “Lady with a Lamp” Florence Nightingale. Our nurses undergo a safety, quality and competency-based training program that combines point of care critical judgment, customer service, patient safety and a high level of nursing practice standards. Our nurses are trained to deliver safe nursing practice that integrates quick thinking, caring and compassionate attitude and technical competencies.

The established competencies of our nurses are the basis for our selection and hiring process; training programs, and performance evaluation. We are constantly evaluating our service and updating our protocols, policies and training programs to align with the Mount Grace Hospitals’ goal and that of the expanding global standards of practice.

Nursing Services Division has three clinical clusters, the General Nursing Units, Specialized Nursing Services and the Operative Nursing Services.



The General nursing unit of Fe Del Mundo Medical Center caters to pediatric, adolescent, adult and elderly patients with various medical, surgical, obstetric and gynecological needs. To meet the needs of our patients, our general nursing units maintain a ratio of 1 nurse is to 6 patients and is adjusted depending on the level of care required by our patients. Our nursing team is capable and efficient in delivering safe, appropriate and competent nursing care delivered in a manner that is respectful of our patient’s rights. Our nursing team likewise supports the “ Baby-Friendly” campaign of the hospital.



With utmost dedication to their field, the medical center’s Specialized Nursing unit is assigned to fully monitor vital signs and assist doctors in providing treatment and procedures to patients. Moreover, FDMMC nurses in this unit are highly trained individuals who specialize in critical and intensive care. Patients will expect to receive proper treatment and attention in order to achieve a holistic recovery.



This nursing unit is responsible for taking care of patients who underwent surgical operations. Assigned FDMMC nurses under this unit are highly skilled individuals who offer very specific care especially to operated sites of the patient. Furthermore, they will attend to the needs of their patients as immediately as they can to ensure they receive proper care and support after undergoing certain medical procedures.

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