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Legacy & History

Dr. Fe Del Mundo

Dr. Fe Del Mundo
(1911 – 2011)

A Woman of “Firsts”

The Legacy

  • First woman pediatrician to be admitted to Harvard Medical School in 1936.
  • First woman to be named National Scientist of the Philippines in 1980.
  • Founded the first pediatric hospital in the Philippines, then Children Medical Center, and now Fe Del Mundo Medical Center.
  • Credited with studies that lead to the invention of the first incubator and jaundice-relieving device.
  • Received the Elizabeth Blackwell Award as a “Woman Doctor of World Renown”.
  • Received the Ramon Magsaysay Award for “Outstanding Public Service”.
  • Received the 15th International Congress of Pediatrics Award as the “Most Outstanding Pediatrician and Humanitarian” in 1977.

The Institution’s Milestones

  1. The Medical Center’s Journey Begins

    Fe Del Mundo Medical Center’s (FDMMC) journey began when it was first established in Banawe St., Quezon City, as Children’s Memorial Hospital (CMH) by distinguished Filipino scientist and pediatrician, Dr. Fe Del Mundo. CMH had a 107-bed capacity and a wide-array of services mainly for pediatric patients.

    Aside from offering various specialized treatments, surgical procedures, and intensive care management, it was also a training hospital which aims to develop the skills of medical professionals and staff. This led the hospital to earn the title of a level IV medical facility as classified by the Philippines’ Department of Health.

  2. A Children’s Memorial Hospital

    In its succeeding years after its establishment, Dr. Fe Del Mundo bestowed Children’s Memorial Hospital to a non-stock, non-profit institution named Dr. Fe Del Mundo Medical Center Foundation Phils., Inc.

    The foundation was dedicated to the founder herself and her advocacy to provide better medical care to the society. Dr. Fe Del Mundo’s heart leaned toward improving the health of every Filipino family most especially the sick children.

  3. Children’s Medical Center Philippines

    After 5 years, Children’s Memorial Hospital became known as the Children’s Medical Center Philippines. During this period, the hospital further developed and expanded its health facilities.

    The continuing growth of the hospital never faded since then as it was determined to fulfill its mission towards “providing appropriate care,” for everyone. Following Dr. Fe Del Mundo’s footsteps, FDMMC continues to be an advocate to its community.

  4. Institute of Maternal and Child Health

    Dr. Fe Del Mundo’s commitment to improve child health was clearly reflected upon the inauguration of the Institute of Maternal and Child Health in 1966. Realizing the full impact of dedicated medical professionals to the lives of patients, the IMCH was built to organize public health programs to train doctors, nurses, and paramedical personnel country-wide.

    Together with IMCH’s induction, Children’s Medical Center has managed to build 107 beds to cater to both children and adults. CMC made it a point that patients are well-cared for until they come out from the hospital, happy and healthy.

  5. Institute of Community and Family Health

    Improving the life of the Filipino children and their families remained as one of Dr. Fe Del Mundo’s core advocacies in her pursuit toward serving the community.

    As part of Dra. Fe’s service, the Institute of Community and Family Health was created to emulate her undying endeavor of enhancing health care for Filipinos nationwide.

  6. Children’s Medical Center, General Hospital

    Nearing the 21st Century, Children’s Medical Center eventually turned into a general hospital equipped with various facilities and service units that cared for various medical cases. Constant advancement in the years of CMC has urged the growth of its medical staff with an increasing number of resident doctors and medical personnel.

    Catering to the needs of the surrounding community, a rise in the number of patients from the neighborhood and its confines have also been admitted to CMC because of the availability of its facilities.

  7. Now Fe Del Mundo Medical Center (FDMMC)

    In honor of Dr. Fe Del Mundo, Children’s Medical Center was renamed to Fe Del Mundo Medical Center that continues the dedication and quality care to its community.

  8. A Member of Mount Grace Hospitals

    Since the late 2013, Fe Del Mundo Medical Center became a member of a dynamic and growing healthcare management group called Mount Grace Hospitals. Under the new management, FDMMC brings to the community of Banawe and its confines, a new Caring Experience, with newly renovated and upgraded hospital facilities to ensure all our patients are looked after with care and respect that they deserve.

    As a private general hospital, FDMMC continues to make great strides to transform and create a conducive environment for growth and development for its Medical Professionals and staff, a safe and caring environment for its patients both adults and children. With the new management, FDMMC strives to continuously improve its services and to provide excellent and quality healthcare to its chosen community.

The Legacy Wall

Throughout the years FDMMC has been serving its surrounding communities, our mission brings us to inspire a legacy of caring for everyone. The medical institution has accomplished much in 60 years and it is continually growing to meet the healthcare needs of patients who deserve compassion, quality service, and an outstanding experience in their journey to healing.